I’m Tahnia and when I first came to the Co-op I was being forced out of my long term private rental. Rents were rising rapidly and I was having trouble finding anything I could afford or a landlord who would rent to a single parent on a low income. It was a very stressful time and I was very worried about our future. If I hadn’t been offered a home I may have had to move away from my support network and take my daughter away from her friends and the school she loved. I would have had to work full time rather than part time in order to pay the higher rents which would have meant less time with my daughter and limited my ability to give her what she needed both emotionally and financially. The Co-op gave us stability which meant we were able to stay in the area we knew and make plans for the future.

My daughter had a passion for dance from a very young age and as she grew that passion grew with her. No matter what was going on, I always found the money to provide her with dance lessons, first at the local ballet school and then as she progressed more targeted (and expensive) dance schools. From time to time I was able to access the EGG grants to help when money was tight.  When she successfully auditioned for a Performing Arts Academy, being in the Co-op meant she was to accept the offer and complete her secondary education while training fulltime in dance and performance.

A secure home and reasonable rent meant I was able to support her to follow her dream of becoming a professional dancer. I didn’t have to limit her aspiration due to being a low income family. I’m happy to say that dream is now a reality and she is currently traveling the world being paid to do what she loves.  I don’t think this would have been possible without the security of living in the Co-op and I am forever grateful.