“We’ve arrived at the present housing disaster rather like the Hemingway character explaining how he went bankrupt: “Two ways. Gradually and then suddenly.” Architecture Workshop’s Christopher Kelly examines Vienna’s ‘affordability of everyday life’ and recommends an amalgam of supply and demand-led housing solutions that New Zealand should pursue if we are at all serious about our egalitarian future.” …

… “Currently, the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) says roughly one per cent of all housing in Australia is co-op housing, initiated by developer/builders, so there are few case studies to assess.”

Read the full article, ‘Oh Vienna’ Where do we live tomorrow?Architecture Now and Architecture New Zealand, 24 April 2024

Master-plan model of the new ‘Quartier Am Seebogen’ (AWIG2). Twenty-five thousand people will live/work on a reused 100-hectare airfield on the U2 subway. (Vienna’s Hobsonville, but on a train line and with about eight times the density.) Innovative developer architect teams, procured by Municipal Vienna, were evaluated against the ‘four pillars’. Image: Christopher Kelly