There are waitlists of over two years at Calgary’s 13 co-ops

In Calgary’s tight and unpredictable rental market, living at Sunnyhill Housing Co-operative has been a saving grace for Philip Cox.

He first moved into the 66-unit townhouse in Calgary’s neighbourhood of Sunnyside in 1987. At the time, he was looking for a sense of community; the affordable housing fees and security of tenure were a plus.

Now, 36 years and three children later, Cox says there’s a “huge need” for more housing co-ops to be developed in Calgary — especially as waitlists continue to grow for the city’s 13 existing ones.

“A lot of us are vulnerable these days and a lot of us could use a bit more security in their housing and this model provides it,” said Cox.”

Read the full story, No landlords, more community — why these residents say Calgary needs more housing co-ops, CBC Canada, 2 January 2024


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