“Housing is expensive in Australia. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Higher quality, more affordable housing is a matter of policy choice.

A key problem is Australia’s housing market is too skewed towards treating housing as a financial asset, rather than a basic human need.

There is almost a universal consensus among economists, for example, that negative gearing favours the interests of investors to the detriment of others, but both major parties are scared to change the policy.

One way to break the policy stalemate is to consider policies shown to have worked in other countries. To facilitate this, the Nordic Policy Centre – a collaboration between The Australia Institute and Deakin University – has published an overview of housing and homelessness policies in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.”

Read the full article, More affordable housing with less homelessness is possible – if only Australia would learn from Nordic nations, The Conversation, 29 May 2022