Source: International Cooperative Alliance

This publication offers an international review of the legal tools and public policies available to different levels of government to promote housing cooperatives. It focuses on mechanisms that bolster affordability and the de-commodification of such housing models.

The study develops a multi-level and long-term approach to the housing life cycle, bringing together policies that shape the production phase, impact housing management, and focus on maintaining the model over time. It is based on the analysis of case studies of cities, regions and countries where public policies have played a significant role in promoting housing cooperatives.

The case studies were undertaken by the following researchers: Carles Baiges(Holland), Eduard Cabré (New York), Mara Ferreri (United Kingdom), Max Gigling (Quebec), Ernst Gruber (Austria), Lorenzo Vidal (Uruguay and Denmark), Corinna Hölzl, Tobias Bernet and Helga Ring (Germany), Luisa Rossini and Emanuela Di Felice (Italy), and Claudia Thiesen (Switzerland).

The research was commissioned by La Dinamo Fundació and Lacol architecture cooperative in Barcelona.

Read the International Policies to Promote Cooperative Housing publication.