“At a time when everything from abolishing negative gearing to capping rents are being suggested as ways to reduce Australia’s housing crisis, little attention has been given to housing co-operatives.

housing co-op consists of a group of people who share in the management and running of their accommodation. Applicants are have to meet certain criteria, including means testing. Once accepted, they are expected to contribute according to their capacity and ability.

While only a small provider of accommodation in Australia (0.03% of all homes compared to Sweden’s 22%), new research reveals how developing the sector could relieve some of the pressure.

Working with community housing providers and co-operatives across four states and surveying about 300 co-op residents, our research is the first analysis of the operation and impact of Australia’s affordable rental housing co-operatives.

What we found can inform housing policy and choices.”

Read the full article, ‘I’m home’: how co-operative housing could take pressure off Australia’s housing crisis, The Conversation, 15 March 2024