Residents will be in charge of every aspect of the building under the initiative, led by secondary co-op Roost

“A newly opened housing co-op, in the historic Marples building in Sheffield city centre, will offer long-term affordable homes for 48 people.

The Marples Co-op is an initiative of Roost, a secondary housing co-operative that offers infrastructure for setting up new co-ops. Roost describes itself as a tech-for-good startup, pointing to its use of an online platform to enable groups of people to choose a budget and preferred location. The co-op then deals with all the legal aspects and paperwork on behalf of the residents.

While rental costs in Sheffield have been increasing by 12% every year, the co-op has secured rent controls, with housing costs linked to inflation (capped at 3%) for the duration of the lease. Tenant members will also enjoy up to 20 years of housing security, legally protected against no-fault evictions. ”

Read the full article, Housing co-op opens in historic Sheffield city centre building, in Co-op News, 19 March 2024