“Co-operative housing is an important part of a diverse housing sector, and we are delighted to see co-operative housing now reflected as a mainstream housing pathway in the State of the Housing System Report (2024),” said CEHL Managing Director Liz Thomas.

The report acknowledges “housing co-operatives as an emerging form of tenure” and notes the emergence of alternative housing ownership models to address the imbalance of housing supply and demand for renters and buyers. These include build-to-rent, rent-to-buy, shared equity and co-operative schemes.

CEHL has worked with partners in the Australian Co-operative Housing Alliance (ACHA) and Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) to advocate for co-operatives as a globally recognised structure used by people worldwide to attain housing security.

We will continue to work with sector partners to further influence housing policy and take this opportunity to scale up the Australian co-operative housing model.