Wales Co-operative Centre

New research released by Wales Co-operative Centre has found that residents experience improved mental well-being and happiness as well as skills development from living in co-operative and community led housing (CCLH) schemes.

The Wales Co-operative Centre has been supporting the development of Co-operative and Community Led Housing (CCLH) in Wales since 2012. Over the years they have seen the softer benefits that can be achieved from living in Co-operative Housing, but felt the time was right to substantiate this by commissioning research that focused more on the voice of individuals and their experiences, and less on supporting organisations. The report was made possible with support from the Nationwide Foundation.

The report is deemed vital to developing a thriving movement in Wales.  It is equally valuable in the Australian context; this report allows us to learn from the challenges as well as the benefits that can be associated with developing and living in housing co-operatives.

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