March 2022 update

Data collection has started for this project, which seeks to develop an evidence base about the benefits of the Australian affordable rental housing co-operative sector.

There are a few ways that housing co-operative members can take part in the project and the research team are keen to hear from you email Bronwyn Bate.

How to take part

  1. Co-operatives are being approached to take part in time use surveys
    The aim of these surveys is to understand the work of the housing co-operative management committee across several key activities. Co-operatives will be offered a $200 Mastercard gift voucher to acknowledge their time spent contributing to the research.
  2. Tenant-member surveys
    That ask about the experiences of tenant-members on an individual level are being released in early 2022. These surveys will be open to all CEHL housing co-operative members. There will be options available to fill out the survey online and in paper format. If you choose to participate in the survey, you will be provided the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of two $200 Mastercard gift vouchers.
  3. We are also seeking 30 x housing co-operative members to participate in a 1-hour interview
    The interviews will extend upon themes uncovered from the responses provided in the tenant-member surveys. At the end of the survey, participants will be asked to provide their contact details if they are interested in participating in an interview. All interview participants will receive a $20 Mastercard gift voucher to acknowledge their time spent contributing to the research.

To find out more about the project you can visit our website: or email Bronwyn Bate.

Read the Participant Information Sheet


July 2021 update

The Articulating Value in Housing Cooperatives research team have put together this video to outline the purpose of this important housing co-op research:



June 2021 update

The Articulating Value in Housing Co-operatives research project successfully recruited CEHL Co-operative Housing Program members from a Community Managed Cooperative (CMC) and a Common Equity Rental Housing Cooperative (CERC) and Rental Housing Cooperative. to help the research team from Western Sydney University

  • identify the benefits generated by housing co-ops
  • understand how those benefits are created
  • understand the work required by co-op members in creating benefits

Why take part?

  • This research will provide a valuable evidence base for policies to increase the supply of affordable, beneficial housing in Australia
  • Successful applicants will receive $50 per month during the research

Read more about the origins of the research


Article first published in May 2021

The Articulating Value in Housing Co-operatives research project seeks to identify the benefits generated by housing cooperatives and how those benefits are created.  It includes the work of cooperative members in creating those benefits.

The proposed research develops a methodology to test the assertion that housing cooperatives generate social value. Testing this assertion can provide an evidence base for policies to expand the supply of affordable, socially beneficial housing in Australia.

This is a timely response as governments seek new, innovative, and effective responses to Australia’s housing affordability crisis.

The project is seeking two CEHL Housing Co-operative members to join the project

The research team are seeking two CEHL housing co-operative members, one CERC and one CMC member to provide ‘expert co-op’ advice on the development of the research project.

This research is being conducted by Western Sydney University and has been developed in collaboration with the Australian Cooperative Housing Alliance (ACHA). ACHA comprises housing cooperative organisations Common Equity NSW, Common Equity Housing Ltd, United Housing Cooperative Victoria, Common Equity Housing SA, and Co-operation Housing (WA).

Project Team Members

  • Associate Professor Louise Crabtree-Hayes – Western Sydney University
  • Ms Bronwyn Bate – Western Sydney University
  • Dr Sidsel Grimstad – University of Newcastle
  • Dr Neil Perry – Western Sydney University
  • Dr Emma Power – Western Sydney University
  • Dr Piret Veeroja – Swinburne University of Technology
  • Professor Wendy Stone – Swinburne University of Technology

Seeking two CEHL Housing Co-operative members to join the project one CERC and one CMC members to provide expert co-op advice. 

Successful applicants will receive a $50 per month stipend as a ‘thank you’ for participating in this research project.

More Information

See the attached EOI Articulating Value in Housing Cooperatives participation for more details