The Australian Cooperative Housing Alliance (ACHA) fully endorses the Housing Australia Future Fund and the Federal Government’s 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan development. The commitment of $10 billion towards the construction of new social and affordable housing, with a target of 30,000 new dwellings over five years, is a significant stride towards tackling the country’s affordable housing crisis and improving the health and well-being of vulnerable Australians.

ACHA also welcomes the development of a 10-year National Housing and Homelessness Plan and we will work to ensure cooperative housing is recognised in the Plan. A 10-year timeline transcends politics, and we fully support the response to the current housing crisis and long-term solutions for current and future generations. Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals CEO Melina Morrison said, “Budgetary investment in housing is vital and measures to support more lending to community housing providers is welcomed. To provide more Australians with proven, empowered housing solutions and security of tenure for people on lower incomes it’s important to ensure that co-operative housing models are included. In keeping with our values of inclusion and democratic control, our sector stands ready to ensure that we play our part to ensure Australians from all walks of life can access affordable housing.”

ACHA is committed to working in partnership with the government and other stakeholders to address Australia’s housing challenges, and we strongly believe that cooperative housing is the key to a brighter, more equitable future. Housing co-operatives allow for democratic management by the member renters and are linked to positive outcomes of greater levels of social capital and greater housing security and building quality. (Crabtree, L et al 2019 Articulating value in co-operative housing: International and methodological review)

ACHA Chair and Managing Director of CEHL Victoria, Australia’s largest provider of cooperative housing, Liz Thomas said, “The Australian Housing Future Fund is a meaningful and vital first step towards achieving a fairer and more equitable society for all Australians. We must ensure rental housing co-operative models are included in the plan. Co-operative housing is an effective and proven solution to the housing crisis, and it offers people on low incomes access to permanent and affordable housing within a supportive, independent community.”

ACHA has been established to advocate for the benefits of the housing co-operative model and the growth and diversification of the social housing sector in Australia. It is an alliance of Registered Community Housing Providers that deliver cooperative housing, including Common Equity Housing Ltd (CEHL) VictoriaCo-operation Housing (WA)Common Equity NSWCommon Equity SA and United Housing Co-operative (as a representative of Victorian independent rental cooperatives).

For more information:

Liz Thomas – ACHA Chair & Managing Director of CEHL
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