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Housing co-operatives offer an alternative to private home ownership, the private rental market and public housing. A housing co-operative is a legal association formed for the purpose of providing housing to its members on a continuing basis. It is owned and controlled by its members. A co-operative is distinguished from other housing associations by its ownership structure and its commitment to co-operative principles. Housing co-operatives exist for their members’ mutual benefit. They share with other co-operatives the values of individual responsibility, mutual help, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.

Australia’s affordable rental housing co-ops present a real opportunity to develop an expanded and diverse housing co-op sector in Australia, to deliver housing stability and dignity to more Australians.

Housing co-operatives foster a strong sense of community, pride and belonging. More than just a roof over their heads, co-op members experience a range of empowering social benefits. Co-ops are democratically controlled by their members and offer greater housing security; better building quality and members report higher levels of wellbeing.


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2024 study tour of European housing co-operative sectors

Tour delegates visited Copenhagen, Vienna and Zurich in April 2024, exploring Europe’s large affordable co-op housing sectors for answers to the Australian housing crisis, on this intimate learning experience. 

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